The Growth of Robusta Coffee Beans

Australia and New Zealand are well-known as coffee-loving nations. Starting the morning with a latte is practically a national tradition! However, climate change is beginning to threaten global coffee production. As the earth’s climate becomes more extreme, there is less land able to grow Arabica coffee beans. Luckily for us, another variety of coffee bean – Robusta – is far hardier and can grow in higher temperatures than its cousin, Arabica.

The downside is that Robusta doesn’t have the same smooth and chocolatey flavour profile. Instead, it has a more bitter and rubbery flavour. So while Robusta coffee may become the more common bean in the coming years, there will be obstructions to getting consumers to accept its flavour. Brands will need to convince consumers to take a chance on Robusta coffee.

Read on for more background on this trend, and to see how some brands are responding.

Studies suggest that within 30 years half of the land used to grow Arabica coffee will no longer be arable.